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Rap Music Videos

Rap music having traces of its origin from the African-American culture, is now become supposedly a chaotic-jingling-genre of music with aggravating lyrics and videos showcasing random themes. The former rap music videos era had some amazingly talented artists such as Martha and the Vandellas, Stevie Wonder, the Shirelles, Lionel Richie, the Temptations, Smokie Robinson, Mary Wells, the Four Tops and many more who gave the distinctive young romance and relationship to this genre of music.

Extremism was introduced in the rap music genre with Beastie Boys’ funny “Fight for the Right to Party” and with the emergence of more radical rappers such as Eminem and Vanilla Ice. Many popular rappers emerged speedily and started screaming and ranting lyrics which featured class conflict, fear, hatred of authority, disrespect, disobedience, hostility and conflict. Initially it was believed that the rap music is going to eventually lose its appeal, which is really become a mystic form of musical art, an amazing way of expression and a fad in itself.

Today, the rap music videos are guiding the listeners rather than disturbing their direction. The early 90’s encountered the emergence of white American rappers such as Ice Cube and women rappers such as Monie Love, Salt N Pepper and Queen Latifah who then dominated the mainstream rap music industry. Women rappers primarily expressed lyrics which tapped on women-related issues. Such guiding subjects blended with evocative lyrics have easily managed to stir the vulnerable youth thoughts, souls and minds.

Rap music is now massively listened, followed and admired by music lovers across the globe, regardless of their ethnicities, cultures and roots. Urban Nation showcases a massive selection of the latest rap music videos and rap music news that are topping the charts. This expressive and guiding genre of music has gifted the industry with several talented artists such as Eminem, Dr. Dre, Drake, Jay Z, Rihanna and many more. Being the staunch fan of this genre themselves, we strongly believe that rap is not merely a style of music but beyond doubt it is all about believing in your soul and dynamically building your dream, since its inception till its manifestation in the real world.

Music lovers are watching, adapting and adopting this rap culture speedily and Urban Nation has left no stone unturned to provide them with all the latest rap music videos of their favorite artists for free!


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