Bow Wow, a Charismatic Rap Superstar, Sensational Singer and a Talented Actor

Bow Wow Music Videos

Bow Wow, being one of the most rousing and powerful rappers and singers in the American music industry, is also a renowned actor as well. Casted in “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” and has signed a lavish deal with Warner Bros Network to escort its sitcom, “Bow” to portray himself in the year 2006. He is super-successful artist having a long list of accomplishment after him and has truly surpassed the lads of his generation to clinch worldwide recognition.

Shad Gregory Moss (Bow Wow) has never seen his biological father since his birth on 9 March, 1987 in Reynoldsburg, Columbus, Ohio. Grown and brought up by his mother and his stepfather, along with his stepsisters, little Shad soon developed a deep interest in melodic tunes, specifically rap music.  He always admired rap music. Stating himself as “Kid Gangsta”, he began joining some talent competitions nearby his hometown at the age of 5.

His life changed completely after he attended the Chronic Tour apprehended by Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre in the year 1993. Bow Wow was amongst the audience and was called on the stage; this passionate lad readily displayed his charismatic rhyming talent amongst such massive audience without any hesitation. Soon after this, Snoop Dogg expressed to make Bow Wow the opening act for the rest of his tour. Bow Wow accepted this offer instantly and went around this tour as Lil Bow Wow.

This gave him a memorable experience, Snoop Dogg then took him to Jermaine Dupri, a successful music producer who has helped many kid rappers previously to help Bow Wow reach his share of popularity. After noticing his potential, Dupri signed him under his company, So So Def Recordings.  This is how Bow Wow commenced to garner materials for his debut album and it was during this process that he managed to contribute his voice in Will Smith’s popular single, “Wild Wild West,” which was also the theme song for Smith’s movie “Wild Wild West” in 1999.

“Beware of Dog,” was Bow Wow’s first official piece of work which released in the year 2000. Liberated from profanity-filled lyrics this single resulted beyond his hope and magnificently entered into the top 10 hits of The Billboard 200. From his 11 hit tracks, four tracks including “Bounce with me” and “Bow Wow” also featuring Snoop Dogg, cleared their ways to get into the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This album was then certified double Platinum, scoring an unbelievable attainment for the new growing rapper at the age of 13.

Effectively clinched his fame and commercial success, Bow Wow returned back to the recording studio gain after touring with the NSYNC from a group opening act right through November-December in 2000. He again worked together with Dupri, “Doggy Bag” which reached the market on 18 December, 2001 and secured 11th position on The Billboard 200 chart. While making his third album, he became executive producer and composed some tracks with the assistance from Atlanta’s renowned rapper, Clifford Harris, Jr (T.I) which resulted in “Unleashed” scored the 3rd position on the Billboard 200 chart on 19 August, 2003. This extremely expected disc is set to comprise collaborations with Lil Wayne, R&B superstar, Drake, Nelly, Nas, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg and Nicki Minaj. He is soon going to release his brand new single and sensational Bow Wow music videos. Watch all his latest Bow Wow music videos and rap music news on the coolest new urban music website


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