Jeremih Felton: A Magnificent R&B Singer, Music Fanatic, Writer, Producer and Pulsating Musical Instruments Player

Jeremih Music Videos

Jeremih Felton, a magnificent R&B singer, writer, an American recording artist, producer, musical instruments player and a music fanatic having no boundaries when it comes to singing was born on 17 July 1987 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

He himself learned to play numerous musical instruments and never consider himself a talented vocalist till he was warmly received for his performance at a popular talent show. He played several musical instruments such as drums, bass, squad, piano and saxophone since he was a kid. For Jeremih music was his way of living life rather than being just a hobby. He was never forced into music, but he loved playing musical instruments and was introduced to this magical world of musical instruments by his mother.

He never had any professional mentor to teach him how to play a musical instrument despite of this fact he developed an amazing vocal ability. Jeremih was not just a startling performer but also an excellent having brilliant academic record. He missed his junior year and completed his graduation from senior high school at the age of 16. He then got enrolled in the University of Illinois’ with engineering science program. He was absolutely focused with his academics but he also begun getting involved in the on-campus talent shows. He just used to sit in his class write amazing lyrics. It was this time when Jeremih decided to get enrolled in the Columbia College in Chicago being an art school and that’s what grabbing his interest into.

He performed in a talent show with Stevie Wonder and gave tribute to Stevie which also paved his way to sink deeper into the R&B music industry. Jeremih is more of a talented rapper turned into a spectacular singer and being always involved into writing poetry with humorous rhyme schemes he decided to add a melody to the poetry and he had his own new sound. It was then when he started playing the keys and singing which made him a dynamic duo.

Jeremih stroked the homemade studio with the producer Mick Schultz and recorded a demo song with him. Their first song which got radio airplay “My Ride” was played constantly on radios. He flew to the New York City in February 2009 to showcase his talent before the executive vice-president of A&R Karen Kwak and the Island Def Jam President L.A. Reid and. Soon after that, he was signed to the massive recording company.

His debut album “Jeremih” by re-uniting with his long-time friend Mike Schultz, released on 30 June 2009. Jeremih’s lead single from his album “Birthday Sex” reached 4th position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and secured 1st position on the Billboard Hot Hip-Hop/R&B Songs chart. Watch and listen to all the latest Jeremih music videos at the coolest new urban music website, Urban-Nation.Com.


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