Omarion: an American R&B Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Dancer, Record Producer and Former Band’s Lead Singer

Omarion Music Video

Omarion (Omari Ishmael Grandberry) is an American R&B singer, actor, dancer, songwriter, record producer and an ex- lead singer of the boy band, B2K (Boys of the New Millennium) was born on 12 November 1984 in California, Los Angeles. Omarion and his ex-band mates Raz-B, Lil Fizz and J-Boog were founded by the manager and director Christopher B. Stokes. He was raised in Inglewood by his mom. The band unfortunately got disbanded in January 2004 soon after appearing in the movie “You Got Served”. He then went solo and released a solo single “O” in 22 February 2005 with Epic Records.

This ripple effect created by the unsurpassed success stories of freshly-minted solo chart-toppers such as Beyonce’ and Justin. He prepared himself to make his presence felt through crafting rhythm all his own. He hit the scene with his self-titled debut with his first single, “Uh Huh,” peaked at #1. His next the hit single “Gots Ta Be,” released with their sophomore disc, “pandemonium!” and got listed in the chart-topping banger, “Bump, Bump, Bump” also featuring P. Diddy and “Girlfriend.” The group garnered crossover appeal, the entire generation of dedicated fans and even a desirable co-headlining slot on the now-unpopular “Scream” Tours.

His resume has prolonged to include roles played on both television and in films along with having two platinum albums: Greatest Hits compilation and a Christmas collection under his belt respectively. Omarion has also made prime-time appearances on “The Bernie Mac Show” and “One on One”. His life is filled with professional highlights and individual anecdotes. Looking towards his future, Omarion envisions his multi-facet career in terms of never-ending chapters which includes singing, songwriting, producing, acting, dancing and a frankness to explore everything else which his schedule permits. Watch all the latest Omarion music videos and Omarion music songs at the coolest new urban website, Urban-Nation.Com.


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