Lil Wayne Apologizes To Emmett Till’s Family While His Performance

Lil Wayne Music Videos

While a latest performance, Lil Wayne twisted up the lyrics of his song “Karate Chop” in order to apologize to Emmett Till’s family. Lil Wayne has been constantly involved in several controversies over the past few months and he again gained more ill repute with his Emmett Till line on the song “Karate Chop.”  However, Lil Wayne has twisted the lyrics and sincerely apologized to the Emmett Till’s family.

Once he came under fire from fans, critics and the other media members he eventually lost some of the major sponsorships because of these controversial lyrics. Tunechi has shown his guilt and apologized for offending people through evoking the face of little Till’s atrocious death.  During a latest performance in Nashville, Tennessee, the YMCMB talent twisted the lyrics of “Karate Chop” and apologized to the Emmett Till’s family.

Although, Emmett Till’s family have earlier voiced their disappointment with the rapper humorously referencing Emmett’s brutal death in his lyrics previously, so this expectantly would reach them and offer their family some relief.  Check out this latest Lil Wayne video from Complex of his performance below:

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