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50 Cent Desires To Make His Fifth Studio Album Perfect

50 Cents Music Videos

It’s been approximately 4 years since 50 Cent last entertained his fans with a solo LP and this G-Unit juggernaut is in no hurry to make this happen it. 50 Cent believes and desires to make his next album perfect and don’t really give priority to the money he will get for the record. Read the rest of this entry


Most Anticipated New Hip Hop Music Videos for 2013

Hip Hop Music Videos

Hip Hop is one of the most groovy and funkiest music genres of all time and is admired and enjoyed by every nook and corner of youngsters across the globe. Hip hop is an extremely popular music genre today and so Urban-Nation.Com brings to you an amazing list of top hip hop songs for 2013 featuring the most sensational tracks. Read the rest of this entry

Watch and Tap on the Pulsating Musical Beats with the Latest Hip Hop Music Videos at Urban Nation

hiphop music videos

The very first thing which comes to our mind with a flash of a bolt while discussing about clubs, discos, pubs, restaurants, and party junctions is the latest hip hop songs. Read the rest of this entry

Take Your Musical Charisma to an Entirely New Level with 50 Cent Video Songs Online

50 Cent Video Songs

Urban Nation has created an entirely new world within our world. Right from offering a wide selection of hip-hop music, rap music, soul music, R&B music, grime music and 50 cents video songs to making friends, Urban Nation facilitates you everything you need in just no time. Read the rest of this entry